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So far more than 1000 studies have been completed.

In last 10 years the following areas have been investigated:

– Vertical slot fishways (physical and 2d models)

– Numerical and physical modeling of riverflows with inundations  (PhD thesis)

– Determination of velocity fields using flow visualization methods (PhD thesis)

– Hydrodynamic forces during operation of gates (physical model)

– Dissipation chambers  (physical model)

– Flood risk maps (2d models)

– Waves in supply channel due to operation of hydropower plant (1d model and field measurements)

– Hydropower plant dams, gates, spillways and stilling basins (physical models)

– Pump-storage systems – analysis of transient phenomena, optimisation of intake etc. (physical models, field measurements)

– Monitoring of water levels (field measurements)

– Measurements of stratification (field measurements)

– Hybrid models

– Determination of waste-water discharge

– Howell-Bunger valve